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Our First Burial Flag Of The Unknown Soldier
A story of Sacrifice & Service has been separated from this Burial Flag. The Flag had been cared for in a highly organized & clean storage unit rented by SFC Andrew E. Overby Sr. a WWII Navy, Korean War Army Veteran who retired from the Army. It was listed for sale on Facebook Market Place where Randy Murray founder of Keeper of The Flame & Hometown Heroes American Veteran Stories arranged to rescue it from the concrete floor. For the following reasons we don’t believe this Flag Honored Mr. Overby’s Military Service. 1. The plastic case had a different Funeral Home Name on it than the Funeral Home selected for Mr. Overby’s Funeral. (Note both Funeral Homes are located in Southwestern KY)
2. A Veteran never sees the Flag honoring their service. Since This Flag (from what we know) was in the care of Mr. Overby while he was alive, it would have honored another deceased Veteran. I have attempted to reach Mr. Overby’s sons with no response. Can you help us find the Veteran who’s service was honored? Public Obituary for Mr. Overby is in the Photos below.

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