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How StorySeal™ Works

We make it our job to help you keep the story, moment, memory, experience, sealed to  memorabilia, items, keepsakes, the things we keep, the heirlooms we treasure and pass down. StorySeal™ links to an archive with text details, photos or video and MORE. Introducing StorySeal™  (Patent Pending). Apply StorySeal™ to family keepsakes, heirlooms, memorabilia. Scan with any smart device and the story behind the item is revealed. Experience the more than expected connection that keeps the story alive.

Secure The Story

Registered Holograph, Sequentially Numbered, Tamper Evident, Unique NFC Coding, Sealed to the Blockchain with NFT Technology.

Memorable Peace Of Mind

Confidence and Peace of Mind when its time to hand down the Keepsake/Heirloom/Memorabilia/Art.



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