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Prevent The Burial Flag Of The Unknown Soldier With Project StoryGuard !

Keep Stories Of Sacrifice & Service Sealed To The Honors, Gold Star Families & Veterans Receive Like Medals & Burial Flags.

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Burial Flag Of The Unknown Soldier


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3 Ways You Can Help

1st Is The StorySeal™ Flag Case Sponsorship Bundle

(Liberty Flag Case With StorySeal™)

 Includes: A StorySeal™, A Veteran Story Archive Secured In the KOTF Vault, Sealed To The Blockchain And To The Flag Case. (Made In The USA, Laminate Construction with a Realistic Cherry Finish, Glass Front, with with Easy Access Back Panel. Included)

2nd is to Sponsor A Veteran Story Archive for a Veteran Burial Flag Already cared for in a proper Flag Case. Includes: A StorySeal™, a Veteran Story Archive Secured In The KOTF Vault, Sealed to the Blockchain, Ready to be sealed to a Flag Case. See below for details.

A 3rd way to help, is to nominate a Veteran for any or all of the above and then share this with all your friends!

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