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Bryan White 615Live CMA Music Fest 2022

Real StorySeal™ seals the bond between artists/creators and their fans/collectors creating a multi-generational annuity/asset for the artist/creator.


APPLY SCAN & FAN THE FLAME Apply StorySeal to signed memorabilia /merchandise & a link is established to the Artist’s exclusive community. A surprising more than expected connection keeps the story, experience alive and the Flame burning. Fans/Collectors scan the StorySeal™ on their smart device to access curated, exclusive information about the Artist including photos, videos, music and exclusive access to purchase tickets and merchandise etc.

SECURE Tamper Evident, Sequentially Numbered, Registered Holograph, Security Adhesive, Unique NFC Coding, Sealed To The Blockchain by NFT Technology!

Real StorySeal


CONNECTION Scan any smart mobile device to the StorySeal™ and connect with the story behind the autographed item. Easy for fans and future fans to relive the story and the moment!


Janice "J.D". Holt


Authenticity Services A Collectable is certified Authentic if there is a Real StorySeal™ connected to a Certificate Account in our Archives.  We have teamed up with Janice Holt of Legal Legs, the Legendary Nashville Private Investigator to witness and authenticate the signatures as they are signed. Learn More about J.D here 







Real StorySeal™ is the ultimate Personal Brand Protection/Identifier and can be customized with the Artist’s Personal Brand. 


Examples Authenticated By Real StorySeal™

Story Guard