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Daniel “Dan” Bell

9/30/1979 – N/A
Branch: Army
Rank: Sgt
Outfit: 160 Spec Ops Medic, Aviation Regiment Airborne “Night Stalker”
Service Dates: 1997 – 2006
Veteran Station: Falujah Iraq, Operation Red Wings, Bagram Afghanistan,
County: Greene
Conflicts/Significant Events: Afghanistan, Operation Iraqi Freedom
Story uploaded/modified: Saturday, June 30, 2007, Updated September 9th, 2021

“Children of varying ages ran around the coffins, playing and yelling, not yet old enough to understand the sacrifices these warriors made. A Taliban high-value target (HVT) sat tucked into the corner away from them all, guarded by other soldiers.

“Three war-weary escorts — one of them a SEAL and the other two Night Stalkers Daniel Bell and Chris Eicher — sat off to the sides, grimly staring off into space. They were exhausted and angry with the mistake the U.S. Air Force had made when they allowed Space-A seating to be filled on this leg of the flight home.



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