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   If you could scan your smart phone to a StorySeal™ on a family heirloom revealing the story of family members that used it, would you do it? Of course you would! 

My name is Randy. Most people care about their family heirlooms & keepsakes. In each generation the torch is passed to new caretakers. Like you, I care about the problems this can create and here’s why.

In 1988 my world was turned upside down when my parents died. As an only child, with a 6 month old, living 4 hours away from my parent’s I did my best to be their Keeper of the Flame. I remember watching in a daze as certain items were auctioned off separating them from my parents story.

Story Seal #3 Since 1992 when my Grandfather died, I have been the Keeper of The Flame of 5 generations of family keepsakes & heirlooms. One day it will be time to pass the torch to my sons. How can I help them and you prevent family keepsakes and heirlooms from becoming separated from their story?    

Maybe you, like me have memories of the role heirlooms played in your families story like my Grandpa’s desk.  As a child I watched my grandfather sit at his desk, read his Bible and do paperwork. 30 years have past and Grandpa’s desk sits in my home and you can still see where he rested his forearms during his morning ritual.

I don’t know if my sons and their families will treasure this desk and the story of their Great-Grandpa. If they do, the story is sealed to the desk authenticating it as a family heirloom. If they don’t; I now have Peace of Mind that his story will remain with the desk.  Fortunately, technology has provided a way to seal Grandpa’s story, a story that matters to a keepsake that matters. StorySeal™ 01003

From 1990-91 a rough VHS conversion video interview with Grandpa. The light over his shoulder is sitting on his desk.


I’ve helped 1000’s tell & share their stories, I can help you. Join me in becoming a Keeper of The Flame and together let’s keep the stories that matter sealed to what matters to you and your family.


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StorySeal 01003

   How do we keep “Stories That Matter Sealed To What Matters”?

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